The semi-dedicated servers, presented by really are a truly unique web hosting service. Look at their video demonstration.

Each of our semi–dedicated servers come in the state of the art data center in US. This data center perfectly found on the heart of Chicago gives unequalled power and cooling opportunities. They have additionally founded a massive peering network along with other data centers and network providers, both in the area and all over the world. This indicates, that it supplies unrivaled connectivity levels.

The actual semi–dedicated servers are developed on top of an SE Linux, a special safety boosted version of Linux, that was furthermore highly improved by our server aministrators. This means you are able to feel safe and sound along with your semi–dedicated server – there won’t be any viruses and trojans on the machines. And also with resources like ModSecurity, your websites along with applications are going to be effortlessly protected against the most frequent hacker strikes. Each and every server moreover boasts ample CPU and MySQL usage allocations, enough to power just about any site or web app.

Every one semi–dedicated server is delivered with our custom Online Control Panel. It’s stuffed with effective tools and totally free bonuses, that can assist you take your web site to the next level.