Astonishingly fast web site load speeds for your clients from Oceania, Australia and Asia

To make certain that your potential clients from Australia, Asia, Oceania and New Zealand will get in touch with you online as quickly as possible, you can host your sites in the Amaze data center, which is situated in the Central Business District in Sydney and which is amongst the best–connected data center facilities in Oceania and Australia. Our Australian–based data center (Amaze) will make your websites faster than the blink of an eye and will cut the bounce rates.

In the data center in AU, you will be able to host all types of websites – from weblogs and small–business websites to resource–absorbing online photo galleries and corporate sites. Our company offers you an array of cloud website hosting packages, so you will be able to go with the one that best fits you. All hosting plans feature a 99.9% server uptime guarantee ensured by a team of seasoned server admins who are working onsite 24x7.

VPS Servers AU Services

Other than cloud website hosting, in the data center in AU you can also find Virtual Private Servers – the most appropriate hosting solution for your website in case your cloud website hosting is no longer an option and a dedicated server is just too expensively priced for your pocket. Our VPS Servers AU come with enough server power to host all types of multimedia websites. With our top–quality VPS Servers AU, you can even kickstart your own hosting company.


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